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Mike Roos has ME to thank!!!!!!!!

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Oli C

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PostSubject: Mike Roos has ME to thank!!!!!!!! Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:00 pm

There was this guy i went to school with. Mike his name was. Mike Roos.

Well anyway one day we were in home economics being taught how to make spaghetti bolognese. Now obviously the teacher being English knew fuck all so instead of spaghetti i brought in tagliatelle and began to educate my teacher on why you don't eat spaghetti with a fucking bolognese sauce.

My mate Mike, along with the rest of the class of course, was so impressed with my foodie expertise and knowledge that he begged me to give him some pointers so I, yknow, gave him the basics. After school we kinda lost touch but I bumped into him the other day in London. Turns out he's a pretty well respected chef now although you won't know him by his name of Mike Roos.

He gave himself a more French kinda sounding name y'see to make himself sound posher on his CV. Mike became Michel and Roos became...well I don't like to say because I don't wanna embarrass him or take very deserved credit for his amazing level of success but I'm sure you can guess the rest...

Jus' sayin' Mike if you're reading this don't forget who put you on your path to success.

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PostSubject: Re: Mike Roos has ME to thank!!!!!!!! Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:55 pm

I think I know who it is  :-)

Put a Bible/Quran in the wind and rain, it will perish...my book is the wind and the rain.
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Mike Roos has ME to thank!!!!!!!!

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